About Us

Welcome to the Official Site of Michael Park, WoodCarver - one of the largest selections of hand-carved, hand-crafted, dog-themed products anywhere, all created by Master Woodcarver, Michael Park.

From his studio loft in the countryside of Pennsylvania, Master Woodcarver Michael Park carves from his heart. Michael shares his love & passion for dogs through his many original wood carvings.

A second generation Woodcarver, Michael has been carving since he was 19 years old and has specialized in dogs for the past 30 years. As a young man, Michael learned his craft from his father, Master Woodcarver, Don Park.

“A chip off the old block”, Michael is gifted with an uncanny ability to capture the very essence of each individual breed. He never tires of creating the many adorable faces of dogs. Michael’s reputation as a skilled dog carver has gained him acclaim and recognition all over the world! He now ships worldwide to customers who have found his renditions as delightful as the customers here in the states.

On any given day you can find Michael and his two dogs covered in dust and wood chips amidst the sweet aroma of freshly cut wood. His collectible artwork such as mantel clocks, hiking staffs, snow globes, welcome signs and much more, all exude a style of charm and warmth that is Michael’s hallmark.

Michael often does customized work at the request of his customers. Some customers just want to display a replica of their dog, others to memorialize a pet that has passed on. In either case, tears of sentiment and deep emotion are usually the response.

From the functionality of his walking sticks to the fantasy of his snow globes, Michael’s quality of work is a collectible to be handed down from generation to generation… artwork that epitomize the love and joy we share with our best friends.